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Mark 4:41
And they feared exceedingly, and said one to another, What manner of man is this, that even the wind and the sea obey him?

For those who need God`s help, we are happy to see you at our group meetings. Find a new purpose in life, start a new path by taking His Word and transforming it into the light that will lead you through the darkest times. Join our church family for more information and become a member to share your experience with others. You may feel weak today, but God calls you strong. Call on the Lord at the moment of distress. Our church is open for you.

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Why People Come

Donna Lynch

God has big plans in this community through this church body of believers in the Lord Jesus Christ. The Word of God is rich through a true Pastor Green who bears the Shepherds heart. The outreach speaks much that this is a fellowship with a heart for people, and to bring the love of God outside the four walls. It’s not just another church…it’s a TRUE experience.

Donna Lynch

Jake Thompson

Spirit filled, Spirit led. A lamp stand to the kingdom of our lord and savior Jesus Christ

Jake Thompson

Kimberly Jamison

Very friendly oriented and you just feel welcome like you’re right at home

Kimberly Jamison

Upcoming Events

New Members Class: Where do we start?

June 28, 2020 09:30 Eden Ministries
We believe it's important to have a new members class here at church. These classes are supposed to be designed to give you a greater understanding of the principles, scriptural and spiritual guidelines that Eden Ministries follows. The lessons are being outlined progressively in order to help with your knowledge of our church, as well as an overall knowledge of Jesus Christ, what He teaches us and how you can get to know Him personally.

Family and Friends Day: TBA

July 25, 2020 Eden Ministries
Working with children is a huge part of our family ministry. Reaching out to families who live by biblical principles for life and relationships lets them engage children into discipleship easily. We want parents to feel confident in raising their children according to God's Word. Participate in our family ministries and see how fun and educating our programs are, and why kids actually want to learn the Gospel. Counseling course is also available

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